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"Un Giorno con Te" - Limited Edition


(Autographed Card)
After a year from its first release, RE_VIVE Records celebrated with a new release of "Un giorno con Te" in italian.
(click on the images to see the album cover and the card)

In fact, with a limited edition of 500 copies, we released a LIMITED AUTOGRAPHED EDITION, a personalized and "collection" edition, autographed by some of the Atleti di Cristo, partner of the project since the beginning.
This CD differs from its traditional version, in the booklet (always containing the written testimony of the Atleti di Cristo), in the colors, but especially in a captivating personalized and numbered collection card. This cards will contain the autograph of some of the Atleti di Cristo (more specifically Nicola Legrottaglie, Tomas Guzman, Miguel Alonso e Ze Maria), their pictures and a Bible verse that will be different for every card.
In the end, this is a distinguishing sign, unique and personalized for each of the 500 printed copies!
It could be a perfect gift that combines high quality music from RE_VIVE Records (Giorgio Ammirabile and band) with the important presence of Atleti di Cristo, but, especially with the Word of God!
We have available copies and the price is of 16,80 Euros each. If you would like to order larger quantities, please contact afc@revive-records.com to see which discount you will receive.

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