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Ssshhh Silenzio - Basi Musicali

“Ssshhh Silenzio!„

Soundtracks (with and without vocals) of CD "Ssshhh Silenzio" are available.
Click here to purchase few soundtracks or soundtracks of the whole CD.

Lidia Genta - Cosė lontano, cosė vicino

Lidia Genta — “Così lontano, così vicino„

“Così lontano, così vicino„ (So far, so near), the first solo album of Lidia Genta, has been officially introduced on the 29th of May in Turin. Read more »

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15/01/2017 A new album from Giuseppe De Chirico, "Dacci Di Ricominciare", is now available!
You can find it in our Shop!.
07/12/2016 Stefano Rigamonti's new project, "Oro, Sassi e Chiodi (Gesù - La Storia" (Gold, Stones and Nails (The story of Jesus), is now available on CD!
You can find it in our Shop!.
07/06/2015 The new album from Lidia Genta, "Inverti Il Senso", is now available!
You can find it in our Shop!.
25/05/2015 We have new products available: new CDs and events' tickets!
Please visit our Shop!.
26/08/2010 Luca Durante will be in Turin on the 19th of December.
You can find more details in our tours page.
09/11/2010 We have some news about Mark Tedder on tour in Italy
More info on our tours page.

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