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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why RE_VIVE records?
    We felt the need for a new urge and a new vision for Italian Christian music; this brought us, together with CRC, to establish this new label with the goal of a “Revival” in the Christian music world which has been sitting in itís comfort zone; to server our Living King (translated from Italian “Re Vive”) with the best quality possible in our abilities.

  • Do you think you are better then others?
    Absolutely! We donít think that would be the right attitude for this ministry. We believe that God gifted some people with a valuable talent and, with the only reason being proclaiming the Gospel, we try to value these talents so that we can offer cutting edge and moving music, both with words and music.

  • What do you mean for Christian Music?
    Many have in mind Church (Catholic) music when thinking of Christian music, which involves Gregorian songs, liturgical, classical music of religious inspiration or even, in a more modern version, pop music that we hear in oratories played from passionate but inexperienced young people.
    In the last years we saw a new wave coming to life, Gospel music, introducing another commonplace, that Christian music is extremely up-beat, with an afro-american influence.
    Our goal is to give a broader range to Christian music… music that, apart from the style of music offered, has the goal to bring glory to God, to bring to this world the message of the Gospel of Christ, His hope and His peace.

  • Why Christian Music?
    All the artists – and the staff – working with RE_VIVE Records strongly believe in Christ Jesus as their personal Savior, therefore they dedicate their art to God. Sharing the “good news” of the Salvation through Christ as priority over the desire of emerging as artists or gaining popularity dedicating themselves to a more commercial music. We believe that real richness comes from belonging to God and not from what this world can offer.

  • Do you receive a salary from working with RE_VIVE?
    No, the artistic direction, the management, the webmasters, the graphic designers and technicians involved DONíT LIVE OFF OF THE WORK DONE WITH RE_VIVE. Even those who are involved full time in music DON'T receive 100% percent of their living from RE_VIVE. What RE_VIVE can do is to contribute with what comes from offers.

  • Why only high quality music?
    We believe that the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is THE MESSAGE for this world. Itís of profound importance for the salvation of every man from the consequences of sin, and to bring benefits to our corrupted community. Therefore we believe that such an important message needs to be brought forth with an equally important music – apart from the kind of music used – produced professionally using top notch instruments, abilities and resources even if this means a remarkable financial effort.
    To use a biblical example, in the temple we find 288 “able” singers, which means persons that knew “how to do their job”. Being approximate doesnít honor God, especially when it involves conveying His Message.

  • If the message is so important, why donít you distribute freely your products?
    Even though we believe that true richness is found in belonging to God and not in worldly possessions, there are many expenses that we need to meet when producing a CD (of high quality!!) or a concert (of high quality!!).
    Recording studios, mixing, mastering and printing, SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) are enough to get to five zeros! The same (not for the zeros!) is for transportation, specially traveling up and down through Italy.
    The operating costs therefore have the primary goal to cover the expenses of a project, and whatever is left over is re-invested from RE_VIVE in new projects that will contribute in bringing the message of the Gospel in Italy… and not only!

  • Donítí you think itís a little too much to ask 15 or 16 euro for a cd?
    Given that even CD prices in the secular market are lowering and that we are talking of very different quantity of CD produced, one of RE_VIVEís goal is to try and cut CD prices.
    The sad truth is that Christian Music CDs donít reach 2000 sold copies (which would be a great result!). If you add to this the cost of taxes which is 20% of the proceeds and that retailer buy a small number of copies keeping 50% of the retail value, you understand that to cover the expenses of production of a high quality CD requires a real effort.
    RE_VIVE aims to increase the number of copies sold for each project allowing retail prices to drop. Our ultimate purpose is to reach those who donít know Christ in a personal way.

  • I made a copy of a CD of Christian music for a friend of mine… I know itís illegal, but in the end, I did it to share the Gospel with him… right?
    The desire to bring Christian music to those who donít know it, itís admirable, but this doesnít give the right to do illegal copies of copyrighted material, especially the one made for evangelistic purposes.
    You should rather give a (legal) copy of the CD as a gift or encourage him to buy an original one. This will be as a witness to him and you will have contributed the work of RE_VIVE Records. One of the tasks that God assigned us as His children, is to bear good witness, and therefore to obey the law of the country in which we live.

  • How long does it take to produce a high quality music CD?
    A long time: for example to release the “Un giorno con Te” album it took from March 2006 to the end of October of the same year, going from building partnerships, fund raising, band practices, repertoire all the way to printing the copies. All this involved, between artists, technicians, musicians, singers and management a staff of more than 20 persons coming from three different countries.

  • Where is RE_VIVE Recordsí headquarters?
    RE_VIVE Records is located c/o Associazione Nuova Vita - via Parisio, 54 - 40139 Bologna.
    RE_VIVE is also a partner of CRC, Centro di Radiofunzione Cristiana (www.crc.fm), found in Corso Matteotti 50 – Seregno (MI).
    For more information you can contact Antonio F. Calò (Bologna) – Artistic direction and management – writing to afc@revive-records.com or faxing at 011-39-051-3371038

  • Do you have more questions?
    Fill in the form and we will reply as soon as possible.

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